Global Day of Coderetreat


Come join me, CDK Global and other awesome developers in the Seattle area for the Global Day of CodeRetreat. Those that will brave the early morning traffic on a Saturday to spend a day will be greatly rewarded by learning new ways to tackle challenges, meet new interesting people and growing their own development skills. Last year we had 18 individuals from 15 different companies.

It's a fun and different way to expand your horizons and write code with folks you might normally not get exposure to and with. We'll provide the problems, WiFi and even food! All that is required is that you register and show up with code editor in hand with a willingness to write code! Easy, right?

In 2019 Global CDK and I finally, join forces in our Global Day of CodeRetreat traditions. Global CDK will continue to support the Seattle area code crafters and furthering the skillset of the developer community. I will continue my GDCR facilitation tradition for its 6th year.