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Event listings for the Seattle (data) Visualization group. For discussions and job listings and everything else, please join the google group at http://bit.ly/seavis

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Centering Accessibility in Data Viz

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The Data Viz DC Meetup group is hosting a virtual event open to everyone in April with the authors and editors of the most recent Do No Harm Guide: Centering Accessibility in Data Visualization for a panel discussion on current best practices as well as future trends in making more accessible data viz. Topics that will be covered include:

  • The state of accessibility in data viz and frequently seen accessibility problems
  • How has inaccessible data visualization impacted people, especially in science and academia?
  • How to write effective alt text for data viz and common ways alt text can fail
  • What is the future of AI in generating alt text
  • Where to begin to learn about accessibility

Panelists: Frank Elavsky, Alice Feng, Liz Hare, Larene Le Gassick, Sue Popkin, Doug Schepers, and Jon Schwabish
Please register in advance for the Zoom event: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcrdeitrjorG9whzDQjpiWlqIisB3eX-Bjm

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