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Ancestral and Family Healing Reiki Circle
Rituals will be taken from the book by Daniel Foor, Everyone has loving and wise ancestors, and by reaching out for their support we access tremendous vitality for personal and family healing. In addition to supporting repairs with living family, our ancestors encourage healthy self-esteem and help us to clarify our destiny, relationships, and work in the world. Participants will be introduced to an inclusive, heart-centered framework for relating safely and directly with family ancestors, both helpful guides and the dead in need of assistance. We’ll also touch on the implications of ancestral work for cultural healing (e.g., sexism, racism, colonialism). No pre-requisites required.

Georgetown Reiki Training Program

5701 3rd Ave S. · Seattle, WA


What we're about

A welcoming community of open-minded people with different backgrounds who have an interest in inner exploration. Our discussion topics tend to center around shamanic techniques , plant medicine, expansion of consciousness and spirituality. We are interested in growing as human beings by integrating our spiritual experiences into our lifestyles and sharing our knowledge with each other.

The topics of conversation at meetings are our experiences with Ethnobotany and Ethnomycology, and sacramental use of entheogens in archaic and contemporary traditions. As well as things that tie into these ideas:

Techniques and methods of trance and inner-exploration: entheogens, drumming, chanting, prayer, breathwork, trance, fasting, brainwave entrainment, lucid dreaming.

Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra.

Sweat Lodge, Medicine Wheel, Nature Based Spirituality

Themes of Unity, Synchronicity, and Heart-Centered Spirituality.

Entheogens as a catalyst for revelation and inspiration in Art and Music.

Exploration of Human and Cosmic Consciousness

Energy work and healing: Spiritual Herbalism, Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi.

Experiences of Ego Death, Gnosis, Mystic Union, Samadhi, etc.

Astrology, Occult, Kabbalah, Tarot, etc.

Animistic, Hermetic, Yogic, Wiccan, Thelemic, Taoist Magic.

Ancient Religions, Ceremonies and Rituals, Mystical Traditions, Sacred Texts.

Incense, Herbs, Oils.

Camping, Hiking, Lodging, Traveling.

Work of such luminaries as: Hofmann, Schultes, Shulgin, Hancock, Grof and so much more.

Please recognize the laws concerning some of the plants that have entheogenic uses. We do not condone illegal activities during meetups. Don't join just to find a "hookup". If that is your sole purpose for joining, you will be removed from the group.

This group was started to create an exchange of information, and opportunities for its diverse members to share new ideas and come to their own conclusions. Please remain open-minded, and respectful of other members' opinions and experiences.

I'm pleased to see the growing interest in this topic, and I hope that this group will facilitate more connections between philosophers, artists, healers, and all those who are intrigued by the idea of such a community. This is a very exciting time!

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