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What we’re about

A welcoming community of open-minded people with different backgrounds who have an interest in inner exploration. Our discussion topics tend to center around shamanic techniques , plant medicine, expansion of consciousness and spirituality. We are interested in growing as human beings by integrating our spiritual experiences into our lifestyles and sharing our knowledge with each other.

The topics of conversation at meetings are our experiences with traditional visionary medicines and sacramental use of entheogens. As well as things that tie into these ideas:

  • Techniques and methods of trance and inner-exploration: entheogens, drumming, chanting, prayer, breathwork, trance, fasting, lucid dreaming.

    Sweat Lodge, Medicine Wheel, Nature Based Spirituality

    Entheogens as a catalyst for revelation and inspiration in Art and Music.

    Exploration of Human and Cosmic Consciousness

    Energy work and healing: Spiritual Herbalism, Acupuncture, Qigong, etc

    Experiences of Ego Death, Gnosis, Mystic Union, Samadhi, etc.
    Camping, Hiking, Lodging, Traveling.

    Where to attend traditional style ceremonies and how to get the most from entheogen work

I'm pleased to see the growing interest in this topic, and I hope that this group will facilitate more connections between philosophers, artists, healers, and all those who are intrigued by the idea of such a community. This is a very exciting time!

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