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Leicester Meetup for board games and card games
Section 31 meets every week in the Function room above the Mono Vita Restaurant from 1800hrs-2230hrs. We've been running gaming sessions in Leicester ever since 2010 and our average turnout is now between 25-30 gamers each week, all eager to play some of the latest card games and board games in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We have a collection of games in the group's Boardgame Library, which has been added to over the years, with a wide variety of themes and genres. These games are available to play at each of our events, but we're also keen to encourage our members to bring their own games to our events. With so many potential games and so many experienced gamers, we're very eager to share our knowledge base with new or less-experienced players, so this group is very newbie-friendly. Some of the games you can see regularly at our events include: Settlers of Catan, Perudo, Dominion, Dixit, 7 Wonders, Fluxx and Bananagrams. Each of our weekly events only costs £1 per person, for the whole night of gaming. This money is used, to cover the running costs of the group and any left-over money is used to improve our Board gaming Library. In order to continue healthy relations with our Venue, we also need to ask people to continue to buy food and drink from the Restaurant downstairs and not to bring their own food or drink to our events.

Mono Vita

1-3 Northampton Street · Leicester


What we're about

Section 31 is a Board Gaming and Card Gaming group, that meets every Wednesday, in a Function Room above the Moda Vita Restaurant from 6pm-11pm.

Whether you're new to the gaming scene, an old-timer or somewhere in-between, we'd like to see you at one of our events. There are a lot of games available in shops at the moment and more games keep getting made every month, so it's rare for us to have a game that everyone knows how to play. We're keen to share our knowledge and experiences with these games and we are eager to teach people how to play these games if it is needed.

Our Board Game Library consists of many different types of games, including Competitive, Co-operative, Multiplayer(from 4 to 64 players), two-player games and even a few games that you can play on your own((if you really really want to...)). We're also keen for our members to bring in their own games to share with us at our events.

Each of our weekly events only cost £1 per gamer for the entire night and if you're new to the group, your first event will be free to attend. This money is used to cover the running costs of the group and is also used to improve our Board Game Library, that can be found at each of our events.

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