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Allied Non-Believers United- The Reality Union Monthly Meetup
Hi TRUs! We are going Back to Nature! We have been tour! Now we are returning to The Museum of Natural History. Every Month. Same Time. Same place. Until further notice. Our monthly Museum Walk and Talk is still the first Sunday of every month! Same time at 1pm under the lobby dinos (at or near...they did some renovations...). At 1:30 we move to the downstairs cafe to nosh and chat. Then we start exploring at 2:30. I usually have a blue New York Atheists hat on and a small brights button. Generally, we try to keep it cheap and educational. The Museum of Natural History's admission is by donation. Bright Cheers Evolving (BCE), Charlie [masked], mobile) Acting Director of The New York Brights "In general people are not born stupid. True stupidity is achieved only through great effort, such as the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY" -Giddian, a Brights Leader, is ( and Atheist Axioms at Cafe Press p.s. Again, ANBU-TRU is a registry for groups (individuals may sign up as official liaisons and tell their respective groups about it) There is no formal meeting yet. We explore parallel to The Brights and The Guardians. Just write me for info.

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