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What's a freethinker (one word)? A "freethinker" is a person who arrives at beliefs without relying solely on tradition, dogma or the opinions of authority. Freethinkers insist on using reason, logic and evidence to form reasonable and justified beliefs.

Memphis Freethought Alliance is composed of atheists, agnostics, skeptics, non-theistic naturalists, secular humanists and others who share our vision.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Summer Solstice Fundraiser

Shelby Farms Park


Join MFA as we host our annual fundraising event at Shelby Farms:). Here we will have a water balloon fight, an The UGLIEST DOG contest, good conversation, a picnic, Kite-flying (if weather permits) and a walk around the lake! This is a kid-friendly-family event!! Food and drink will be provided (with vegan options:) Price of admission: Kids are Free; Adults are 15.00 Welcome Summer:)

50 Years After Stonewall

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library

It was illegal to serve alcohol to "homosexual persons" in 1969 NYC. Seedy bars like the Stonewall, run by the mob, broke this law, but were frequently raided by police. Exploited by the owners and abused by police, Stonewall patrons knew that they were not safe. But the bar was a much-needed place for the community to congregate. One hot evening in June 1969, the police raided the Stonewall again. But this time a group of mostly gay and trans "street kids" fought back. The rioting lasted all weekend and essentially began the modern gay rights movement. One year later, activists marked the anniversary of the uprising with a march - the first Pride Parade. Fifty years later, the LGBTQ community has come a long way. Marriage equality is perhaps the most obvious evidence of this progress. But there is still work to do. In fact some advances are actually being rolled back. Anyone who is interested in civil rights or the Separation of Church and State should be concerned about the religiously motivated backlash that threatens the hard-won advances of the LGBTQ community. MFA is proud to host Shahin Samiei of the Tennessee Equality Project. Shahin will talk about the work that remains to be done, especially in Tennessee, and what we can do to help protect the advances that have already been made.

Freethought Book Club @ Jason's Deli

Jason's Deli

Reading selection: TBA

Freethought Book Club @ Panera Bread

Panera Bread Co.

Reading selection: TBA

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