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Testing Tools Demo Night

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Come see #SFSE members demonstrate leading edge tools / techniques that make functional testing easier and more effective. We have three presenters so far (see details below) with room for one more. Each presenter will have 15 minutes. Please contact the organizer if you have something you'd like to demo to the group. Presentations will be video recorded and posted.


6:30 Registration, networking, refreshments, pizza
7:15 Welcome, Agenda Overview, Announcements, Introductions
7:30 Selenium + FitNesse - A QA Multiplier Effect
7:50 Integrating Selenium into a continuous test harness
8:10 A sneak preview of new Selenium capabilities presented by Sauce Labs
8:30 Using Robot Framework to drive Selenium tests
8:50 Wrap-up; networking
9:30 Cleaning people eject us

Selenium + FitNesse - A QA Multiplier Effect

This demonstration will show how Selenium, integrated into a FitNesse framework, can extend an organization's ability to create more automated test cases without the need for Selenium programming while expanding the ability to test across all popular browsers. Using FitNesse, QA managers, Product Managers, testers, and other stakeholders can easily create wiki-based test stories that immediately execute across multiple browsers. This solution enables organizations to provide higher-quality test coverage at a lower cost. FitNesse reduces the cost for technical staff and automated test script maintenance. Ray Vizzone, and Matt Krapivner of SmartPilot will demonstrate testing a live website using a customized, keyword-driven FitNesse grammar, integrated with Sauce OnDemand which obviates the need to build out testing hardware.

Integrating Selenium into a continuous test harness; dynamically generate type-safe test APIs

As the provider of highly configurable enterprise software cross multiple products, we need our web UI tests to run continuously over each check-in during development, provide reliable and speedy results, and maintainable over releases and active feature development. We'd like to share our experience of integrating Selenium into the continuous test harness, and a few interesting things we do: for example, running the same web UI test script in multiple modes (browser, server and load test mode); dynamically generating type-safe test APIs, so that test authors can write UI tests in an editor with type-ahead intellisense, and verify tests at compilation time. Jing Chen, UI Architect at Guidewire Software

A sneak preview of new Selenium capabilities will be presented by event host, Sauce Labs

Using Robot Framework to drive Selenium tests
Robot Framework is an Open Source keyword-driven test automation framework for acceptance testing and Acceptance Test Driven Development. It allows you to express expectations in plain text, tables, and HTML format. There is a Selenium plug-in that makes it easy to use Robot Framework to drive web-based applications. In this demonstration, I'll give a high level overview of how to structure tests in Robot Framework and how to use the Selenium plug-in to drive a simple web-based application. For more information on Robot Framework, see http://www.robotframe... ( Presented by Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software.