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Keeping Selenium Tests 100% Blue (PLUS a sneak peek at Cloud9's Se integration)

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Hi everyone! It's time for the first Selenium meetup of 2012, and I'm thrilled to announce we're kicking things off with a presentation by Denali Lumma, QA Lead at Okta (

Join us as she gives an inside look at how Okta, an on-demand identity & access management service for cloud/SaaS applications, addresses test failures and keeps their Selenium tests 100% blue.

She'll go into details on how Okta has managed to keep failures from happening over and over again and make test results relevant. She'll also present the tools and processes they've employed to keep their test automation accurate. (See the abstract below for more talk details).

I'm also excited to announce that Cloud9 IDE ( will be on hand to share a sneak preview demonstration of their upcoming amazing integration with their in-browser development environment, which creates Selenium tests and runs them on Sauce Labs -- Dev, Test and Results -- end to end in the cloud.

Thanks to our friends at Mozilla, we'll be having this meetup at their brand spankin' new office located along the Embarcadero. And they're picking up the food and drinks, too. You guys truly rock!

Per usual, the event will start around 6:30 with pizza and drinks and wrap up around 9pm. See you there!


6:30pm: Check-in, pizza, beer, mingling

7:15pm: Announcements, introductions

7:30pm: Talk by Denali Lumma

8:15pm: Q&A

9:00pm: Lights out

Keeping Selenium Tests 100% Blue: Strategies we're using to get test failures addressed immediately, and keep automated testing results relevant in a highly agile development group.

At Okta, we've invested a lot in automated testing. That's because we don't do any manual testing, and we have to make sure our software works all the time, or we'll be out of business. We have a lot of validation tools, and a lot of tests, about 8K unit and functional tests, and about 1K Selenium tests. We also use security and performance testing software, and are constantly trying to find and add new ways of testing our software with software.

Of course, the trick with automation is keeping the cost of test maintenance down, and keeping test failures from creeping up to a noise level which invalidates their results in entirety. With our large and growing number of tests, a weekly release cycle, and rapid changes in many branches, we have failures all the time.

We'll go into details on how we've managed to keep failures from happening over and over again and make our test results relevant. We'll present the tools and processes we've employed to keep our test automation accurate, be able to trust it in gauging our software stability and use it 100% to determine release readiness.


Denali Lumma runs the testing effort at Okta, offering one-username-one-password for internet users, and cloud directory services for enterprise IT. She's worked as a Software Engineer particularly fascinated with correctness for over 12 years, promoting test automation, test driven-development and continuous build and deploy. You can reach her at [masked] .

Cloud9 IDE is a state-of-the-art IDE that runs in your browser and lives in the cloud, allowing you to run, debug and deploy applications from anywhere, anytime. You can read more about it here (