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What we’re about

People never really know when they’d need to use it, but for certain situations that may arise during this rat race that we call “life”, self-defense skills can be truly valuable. Having access to the proper self-defense techniques can help men, women, and children boost their confidence in less-than-ideal situations. Though we tend to stay away from trouble, strangers can be unpredictable. This significant knowledge can help us keep calm and use the proper teachings passed down to us during confrontational circumstances. It’s all about defending yourself, and keeping those you care about safe. We lock our cars to protect our belongings from low-life thieves. Why not learn how to protect ourselves?

In this Club, we intend to have workshops, invite prominent professionals who could train us with basic self defence techniques and also educate us on how we can keep our calm and do the right things. We welcome all, especially women to join us in full force so that we work towards building a stronger and safer society for ourselves.

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