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As new organisers we would like to re- energise and slightly re- define the intentions of our community. The purpose of our community is to assist you in exploring and evolving your awareness. We currently experience reality through sequential processes (personal beliefs, current education models, societal expectations, cultural beliefs...), creating and seeing life in a linear framework. As we expand our awareness, we begin to realise our multidimensional nature and that we have the ability to participate through a multitude of different ways simultaneously. This is the beauty of awareness, we can bring new dimensions to any existence.

We encourage you to explore your mind and heart in a myriad of ways, open yourself to new experiences, explore different modalities, different processes, different teachers as these will create exposure that will guide you to what you truly wish. You are the creator of your reality. The ability to transform is through internal processes, and this is our journey of the experience we call life. We are always learning, always evolving, having some insane experiences and some magical ones as well, that's what makes life exciting.

All the events, workshops, sessions and the retreats are focused on you finding and developing yourself. We offer various events from different facilitators to assist you in exploring the different aspects of self.

Wishing you a beautiful and loving exploration.

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Free: Lionsgate Portal – Stepping into your Light

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7 Day Online Retreat: A Science to Manifestation

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Online Meditation & Transmission - Releasing Fear & Anxiety

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Two Day Energy Transformation Workshop: A Science to Awareness

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