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This group is for anyone who deals with people- relationships, work, family, children, and even yourself. If you are a person who deals with people we think we should have something for you. Are you or your friends having difficulty in these times? This group is centered on people and people issues- including both the singles set and couples including parenting, even divorce.

People are people and there are certain underlying rules of life that apply broadly. This is what we are about. We offer free on-line Zoom Webinars on various topics by different speakers, so watch for titles. We also acquire speakers for requested topics- so let us know your needs and interests.

Is your relationship sour?
Do you know how to choose the right person for you?
Are you anxious or depressed?
Are yours or another's emotions out of control?
Are there people in your life that need guidance and you are not able to help?
Would you like to help yourself and others?
Do you think the world needs a common moral code all can agree to regardless of religion or ethnicity?
Are you Home Schooling and need help?
Are your children learning a moral code that makes sense and that they will live by?

Our events will address different aspects of life but will all center on PEOPLE! We use only natural proven information and do not label or judge. We believe people are basically good and strive to help all to discover that goodness.

We are Associated with the Scientology and Dianetics Life Improvement Center of Washington DC and welcome all people. This a free public service.

Upcoming events (4+)

How To Become More Likable To Other People and Have More Friends

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Do you feel introverted when you are in a group setting? Are you shy? Do other people have more fun than you do? There are simple life hacks you can use to improve your communication skills and your social life. Communication is not just yakking. Communication is the whole experience of connecting with people and forming relationships. It includes the joy, understanding, and love formed among people.

In our meetings, you will learn:

A simple life hack to increase your liking and tolerance of other people, or even of yourself!

  • How to become more interested and enjoy conversations with people.
  • How to be comfortable in social settings
  • How to become more extroverted and,
  • How to make connections with people.

Feeling lonely, isolated, or bored? This meeting is exactly what you need! Come join us!

This group is brought to you by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center of Washington DC.

A Communication Tool For Extroversion, Public Speaking, and Your Social Life!

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Online event
There is a very basic element which underlies your ability to communicate. It is called your space. We've all heard this referred to, but what is it? Can you make it larger or smaller? Can you control it? Are you introverted with a lot of attention on yourself?

In our meetings, you will learn

  • How to be more extroverted
  • How to be comfortable in social settings
  • How to be yourself more
  • How to control your own space.

Feeling lonely, isolated, or bored? This meeting is exactly what you need! Come join us!

This group is brought to you by the Dianetics & Scientology life impovement center.

Conquer Negative Emotion To Have a Happier Life!

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Do you want more Self Confidence, less Self Doubt, more Happiness, less Anxiety, and more Love? This event is an introduction to how to handle irrational emotion. How often are yours or another's emotions out of control? What is that about??? I have asked these questions and after much search have found answers and am sharing.

Maybe you have suffered a traumatic experience, a deep loss or been through a painful breakup? After that, you try to move on- you just can't. Possibly you have a thought or emotion that hangs around for days and you just can't shake it. What is all this stress, anxiety, depression, and self doubt? It's just crazy! It's not the real you. You can find out what is at the root of all this.

This is an on-line class using ZOOM.

Areas you can be helped with:

Control of unwanted emotions.
Lack of confidence.
Anger management.
Creating ideal relationships.
and more...

This is an on-line class that can start you on the way to a better life, more confidence and less negativity. All the happiness you have lies within you. Let's find it!

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center.

Preventing and Repairing Upsets in any Relationship

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Do you have upsets in your relationships?

This can be a marriage, romantic relationships, work and even with friends, children, and other family members.

There are certain critical parts of communication which can go awry and throw things off.

Did you know that there is actually an exact formula for communication?

There are exact skills which can be practiced.

This webinar will cover some key points in communication which you can learn to remove the rough edges and be happier!

Come join us!

Sponsored by the Life Improvement Center of Dianetics and Scientology of Washington DC.

Past events (347)

Conquer Invalidation From Toxic People to Increase Confidence and Reduce Anxiety

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