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What we’re about

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Aloha, Karibu!

The time has come to share out, far and wide, with vibrationally aligned neighbors the significance and the basics on being self-reliant and self-sovereign when it comes to family economics for 'nutrinourishing food' and legacy wealth! AMEN? Amen!

Serves to cultivate the #1 gold standard of 21st century hempstead construction as world-class, zero waste/zero debt, carbon negative, intentionally small-scale, organic agribusiness stewardship, as sustainably self-reliant communities on a global scale.

Green Pastures AgriVillages Ashrams (GPAA) is a part of a global ministry dedicated and devoted to serve local villages, neighborhoods, and communities on a global scale. GPAA offers seven pillars of sustainable agribusiness options integrated into self-reliant stewardship as intentional hemp-based homesteads.

(1) Nutri-Nourishment/Water.
(2) Adequate Natural Textile Clothing.
(3) Safe Sanctuary.
(4) 21st Century Local/Global Communication.
(5) Accessible Local/Global Transportation.
(6) Sound Decentralized Blockchain-Based Ecosystem.
(7) Creative Covenantal Beloved Community.

GPAA offers a ‘prototype model’ of economically accessible and sustainable best practices for intentional hemp-based development, research clearinghouse of 21st century green building practices, educational workshops, and potential 'agritourism' visitation located in Orange County, Southern California!

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