What we're about

Hi everyone and welcome to any new members.

What's this group about? Apart from answering "come along and see", in brief these classes are an offering from me to you, to extend myself, my home and heart and offer a place where you can come, relax, be you, get in touch with your heart, your truth and re-gather and re-focus yourself for the week ahead.

Like a yoga class for the spirit, soul, mind, emotions and body, learn how to get out of that ever busy mind and be fully here, more present, more connected, more intimate and settled within yourself. It's about meeting with others with a similar mindset, it's about making friends with others and most importantly with yourself. It's about learning tools that can assist you in your day to day life, that can help you come back to the feeling you had in class, so you feel empowered, and remember who you truly are.
It's about becoming more conscious and aware in each and every moment, being more mindful and therefore able to make conscious and powerful choices, shifting life into a different gear, into the direction you choose, that brings more meaning, more heart and with this comes a joy and a self confidence that no amount of outside noise and distractions can provide.

It's about supporting your personal growth in any way that is truly holistic, grounded and integrated.

Ultimately it's about growth and discovering how to be the best 'you', uniquely you!

You can come to class every week or as and when you feel to. I do ask that you aim to turn up at the beginning of class and let me know if you are running late, so that any meditations that might be offered isn't interrupted. Each class will be tailored to what you need, there will be a mixture of discussions, meditations, readings, discovering new tools and a plethora of other things that help you get out of your head and touch with your own heart wisdom.

Meet ups are held in W5, London. This is in Ealing, close to Ealing Brodway, Hanger Lane and Park Royal. Parking is ample and free on the weekends, and it's very close to tubes and bus stops. You are welcome to come to class every time or as and when you feel to.

For those interested in finding out a little bit more about what this group and myself is about you can click on the 'pages' link above.

If you can't make it in person, there are weekly free tele-classes held on a Sunday, feel free to email me for further details and I can send you the link.

Live an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary Way

Looking forward to connecting in with you.

Big love



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