What we're about

Bitcoin is a world-changing technology that deserves your attention. It allows anyone to send money over the internet without requiring permission or trust.

Seoul Bitcoin is a community that hosts monthly Bitcoin meetups that are accessible to beginners, but also challenges you to understand the technology.

Our meetup is run entirely by volunteers and without a profit motive. This is not a meetup about trading or investing. We care about the technology and hope to convey our excitement.

There are many alternative coins out there that make false claims of superiority. We offer education to help you guard yourself against misinformation.

You can find us on Meetup, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Kakaotalk. For those who are willing to dive deeper, we also offer weekly in-depth tech meetups.

It is our hope that gaining a deeper understanding of Bitcoin will lead to a deeply motivated community.

Upcoming events (1)

Bitcoin hardware wallets group discussion

로컬스티치 홍대

At this meetup, a group discussion about bitcoin hardware wallets.

Discussion agenda/topics:

  1. Personal preferences and priorities. Use cases
  2. Security and hardware components
  3. Interfaces. Cameras, QR codes, cable, SD card, USB, NFC, pen and paper, metal prints
  4. Cold storage, hot wallet
  5. Companies and security history (Ledger, Trezor, Coinkite, Foundation)
  6. Bitcoin only or multicoin
  7. Software wallet compatibility

This is an offline meetup for discussions on the technical side of Bitcoin. There will be no investment related discussions and attendees are strongly discouraged from talking about investment related topics. This meetup will be held in English.

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