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What we’re about

Serene - [sa-reen](adjective) - 1. Bright, Clear and Calm; Shining with Clear, Steady Light. 2. Unruffled. (noun) - 1. The state of being serene; Composure; Repose [Webster's Collegiate Dictionary]

Meet others who are gathering for education, support, advice and safe companionship, in the many topics of self-improvement. Come join us, as we delve into and explore meaningful life topics which focus on improving the experience of Life.

Topics of the day include: self-esteem, relationships, goal setting, handling emotions, managing pain, or addressing barriers to success. We will look at research, case studies, demonstrations and sometimes various pertinent media. We regularly do exercises to experience the first steps towards creating our transformed and improved selves. We will be introduced to techniques that can transform ADD into more focus, transform Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder or Anxiety into calm certainty, improve one's ability to learn and study, take a roller-coastering life into more calmness and stability, or workshop on getting our lives out of a rut and progressing.

Real help is possible, as a few of us have experienced. Free support group meetings conducted by professional Mind-Body-Spirit counselors who care. Friends and family are welcome. ______________________________________________________________

* * * May You Make Your Mental Freedom and Empowerment in this Year of 2021* * *