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This group offers an alternative to many enthusiastic francophiles eager to learn the language. This is your opportunity to start or continue learning French!

These classes held online are relatively small but conducive to healthy exchanges while allowing personalized help from the instructor. Yes, students do get to converse with fellow students of the same level who are attending the class simultaneously.

A native speaker with fifteen years of experience teaching in a French Lycée, I can help you to conquer the intricacies of what is known as Voltaire's language. Working through Skype or at your location, at your choice when possible, I will steer you in the right direction so you understand nuances that might just escape you otherwise.

I take great pleasure teaching French and it is my hope that it shows.

As the group's name suggests, a level of commitment is required. I make sure students are not bored. However, the focus is on mastering the language while acquiring effective conversation skills .

At the Introduction Session, you will learn more about the required material such as textbook and so forth. You will also have an opportunity to take a Placement Test. Also, the tuition is kept very reasonable. Please, email me for details and registration.

Come and join us, beginners, intermediate or advanced speakers. Come learn French!!

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