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What we’re about

Where we're going, we don't need servers.
Well we do, but you know what we mean. Serverless is the practice of using managed services with event driven compute functions to avoid or minimize infrastructure management, configuration, operations, and idle capacity.

Serverless Tribe, formerly known as Serverless Singapore, is a non-commercial, community-centric meetup group that delves into subjects like serverless, cloud, data infrastructure, and many more exciting areas.

Yingjun Wu of RisingWave ( is the current host. RisingWave is an open-source distributed SQL streaming database. Its primary objective is to reduce the cost and complexity of building real-time stream processing applications.

Would you like to speak at our meetup? Great, let's get in touch! We'd love to hear your ideas that allow us to:

• Move from idea to market, faster 
• Lower your costs 
• Adapt at scale 
• Build better applications, easier

Also, check our YouTube Channel with videos of talks recorded at the meetup.

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