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Saddling the Generative AI Wild Horse with David Shapiro

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Saddling the Generative AI Wild Horse with David Shapiro


Welcome to our upcoming meetup about the future of AI! We're thrilled to host David Shapiro, a passionate researcher and author, for a thought-provoking discussion that delves beyond the typical OpenAI and coding conversations.

Amidst the noise, hope, and fear surrounding AI, David's approach offers a breath of fresh air. Drawing from his research & books, his newly proposed GATO framework guides us to see beyond the turbulence. Interested? You can get a sneak peek of the GATO framework here:

This meetup will adopt a philosophical angle, starting with an introduction to David's work. Before diving into GATO, David will provide a brief overview of his most significant video tutorials and GitHub repositories - like a Table of Contents, to allow those new to coding LLM and OpenAI applications to catch up post-meetup.

Join us as we saddle up to explore the wild landscape of Generative AI together!

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