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ServerlessDays are a family of events around the world focused on fostering a community around serverless technologies.

ServerlessDays began as JeffConf, a tongue in cheek conference in the spirit of Paul Johnston’s blog post, “Serverless is just a name. We could have called it Jeff”, an attempt to move beyond the serverless buzzword and focus on the practical use of function as a service platforms and the value they provide. It is a one day, community focused, single track event centered on real world serverless-based solutions. It’s about fostering a community and helping all of us learn from each other as we embrace a new way of building applications.

Each ServerlessDay is unique, organised by locals and not run for profit. They are run according to the following principles:
Local: run by local community organisers
Accessible: financially and physically accessible to the community
Representative: representative of the broader community within which it exists
We follow and enforce the ServerlessDays Code of Conduct.
Learn more at the ServerlessDays website. https://serverlessdays.io/ or email us at dublin@serverlessdays.io

This is the Meetup group for the Dublin chapter of ServerlessDays, a community interested in learning about serverless technologies and building web, mobile and Internet-of-Things applications with serverless architectures using the Serverless Framework and more!

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Dublin GCS Connect: Serverless Webinar

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