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What we’re about

Service Design Meetup is committed to hosting engaging, entertaining and educational meetup events in Göteborg for those in and interested in Service Design, Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking and User Experience with the aim of making the field more accessible, understood and refined. The meetup community is co-sharing which means that we need help from companies in the region that can help facilitating the meetup. Attending the meetup is free of charge and in English. The Göteborg Chapter is part of

The focus is that members get most out of this community with focus on inspiration, educate and learn new things, networking and something to eat and drink. 

Our wonderful community welcomes all levels of professionals and stakeholders including Service Designers, UX Designers, Visual Designers, User Researchers, Interaction Designers, Content Strategists, Information Architects, Usability Testers, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Copywriters, C-suite people, students and enthusiasts at large to help accelerate their career and build a support network.

Our intention is to host this ever quarter. The meetup can happen during lunch hours or at evenings. 

Not acceptable: This is an open and inclusive forum. As facilitator you are not allowed to use this as a recruitment platform or do internal marketing of your company. 

Information: For hosting info, sponsorship and other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us with a PM.