Custom Middleware & Microservices with ASP.NET Core by Ondrej Balas


At the core of ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s implementation of the OWIN standard, giving developers full control over the ASP.NET pipeline. In this session I will explain what OWIN is and how it can empower you to quickly and easily reconfigure an entire web application. Now in full control, you can do everything from injecting custom code (middleware) into any stage of the pipeline to running lightweight applications and microservices without MVC.

Ondrej is the founder of several Michigan-based businesses including UseTech Design, a software design & development consulting firm that focuses on .NET and other Microsoft technologies. Ondrej is also a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies, a writer for Visual Studio Magazine, and is very active in the US Midwest software development community. As a technologist and entrepreneur Ondrej works across a variety of industries including payment processing, manufacturing, ecommerce, legal support, and healthcare.