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What we’re about

Welcome Ladies!!!

Your sexy, beautiful, fun, fit and enjoy travel, nightlife and happy hour and martinis!!! Dancing and the theatre, plays and the finer things in life. Your in your 30s - 60s ladies and look and feel young at heart again and fun, free spirit and or entrepreneurial!!! You’re balanced!!🌟✨No cray-cray😳😵‍💫

You’re amazing and ready to mingle with north Dallas, Addison, Plano, Frisco and uptown’s fabulous social ladies like yourself!! Cheers to fun we have planned ahead and to fabulous female friendships, sisterhood! Dress up for our events please that’s part of the fun!!💃🏼👗👠

NOTE: The events are for adults only so leave the kids at home, pets, perfume (some ladies have allergies)!!! No drugs allowed! No lushes😂 Do NOT solicit members in the group or compile the members list this is unacceptable and you would be removed from the group.

RSVP to events if you cannot make it message me or post it 24 hours ahead because as organizer I have to let the establishment know a head count or reservation and besides it’s rude! I’m aware from time to time emergencies but they are rare!! No flakes!!!!😂🤣 Communicate!

Cancellation at the last minute will also be treated as a no show, again have the mature decency to communicate to me 24 hours ahead. If I see your not active in any events for six months you’ll be removed from the group.  NOTE:Three strikes of no shows and your out of the group sorry, not fair to others that would have attended otherwise.....that we’re on the wait list.

This is a private group only!!!!! bringing friends, you joined the group to expand your girlfriends, respect this rule and do NOT pressure me to add your friends, I’ve been organizing groups since 2009 and am aware of the energy and ladies I’d like in the group and as the host, organizer respect this policy. Unless they register and I approve them it’s one of the rules, thanks!! No Drama!!!! The host/organizer reserves the right to remove a member if not a good fit, abusive, flake as they see fit.

Posting photos I will post group shots at each meetup so don’t post pics without my approval that’s my job, thanks!

Trips will be planned for Summer 2023 and the Winter 2023!

Last but not least any favorite restaurants, thoughts or ideas fabulous, message me!! We’re really starting to form some beautiful friendships, cheers ladies, luv ya!!!!💕🥳🤩🤗✨👍🏻🥰

Note: For ladies already members of North Dallas Sex in the City, new updated name and expanding age bracket for more diversity and fun soul tribe ladies!!!

Let the fun begin🍸💋
Your host/organizer