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What we’re about

Are you struggling to find healthy sexuality in your life? 

Maybe wondering if you are "addicted"?

If you are, you are NOT ALONE! There is HOPE! 

I'm Professional Life Coach Craig Perra and I want to help.

I work with men in 17 countries all over the world, appeared on national TV, and featured in international media ... and I'm right here in Rocklin, CA. 

As men, it's critical that we embrace our powerful sexual energy. It's one of the most powerful forces in human nature and for many of us, ... it's out of control. I know, I was there.

Let's get rid of the shame and come together to create great lives for ourselves. Because let's face it, life is way to short to suck!


Craig Perra

P.S. If you want to learn more about me, you can visit my website here and don't forget to download 5 FREE powerful videos that will change the way you look at your compulsive sexual behavior here.

P.P.S. If your relationship or job is in jeopardy, I strongly encourage you to call me. I have a number of proven powerful options that can help. If this is you, and you need powerful results fast, please do not rely on a free internet download to save your relationship and job. I can help. Click here to learn more about my one on one coaching and here to learn more about my online program

P.P.P.S. I want to share with you some powerful additional resources to help you on your journey. 

Podcast - Sex Addiction and Porn Afflictions - over 40,000 people have embraced this powerful podcast that I do with my wife Michelle. We teach couples how to move forward. 

Partner's Blog - Here is a link to my wife Michelle's blog that started us on our journey. It started anonymously (before we started sharing our story with the world) and it's raw - some parts are pretty hard to read even today. I hope it helps show you that there is powerful hope. 

Partner's Survival Guide - There are so few empowerment themed resources for women partners, so Coach Michelle Perra, my wife, decided to write one. Here is a link to The Partner's Survival Guide


I used the worst thing that ever happened to me to create an amazing life free of compulsive sexual behavior. I saved my marriage, I’m a great Dad, involved in my community, and I built an international reputation for changing men’s lives fast and saving relationships.

I used to coach men and couples at one of the top sex and porn addiction treatment centers in the U.S. before joining the Feed The Right Wolf Team and founding The Mindful Habit Program - a revolutionary structured program designed to quickly eliminate compulsive sexual behavior and create a great life.

I now coach clients all over the world and work with professional athletes, senior executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and hard working men and couples who want – and expect – results fast.

I’ve appeared on The Katie Couric Show with my wife Michelle and has been featured in national and international media like the Anderson Cooper Show, Desert News, KCRA, Daily Mail, etc . . . And most recently I appeared on a television for produced by BBC Productions for Lifetime Network (to be broadcast in June 2015)

I’m a licensed attorney (in CT), a former business executive for billion dollar U.S. Companies, and serve in leadership roles locally in the Rocklin/Sacramento, CA area. I also lectured at the Annual Conference for the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health.


The Mindful Habit Method is a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured attack on your sex and porn addiction. It combines the science of the habit cycle, with mindfulness - one of the most powerful behavior change modalities on the planet - and ACTION. You learn real tools and techniques to help you embrace your power of choice fast.

This program is changing the lives of men in 17 countries all over the world. Clients have called The Mindful Habit "revolutionary" and "life changing." Many clients have experienced success with this method after failing time and time again with traditional counseling and other modalities like 12 Steps.

It's not counseling, therapy or based upon antiquated modalities like 12 Steps. It is a powerful behavior change modality that will help you embrace your powerful choice, reclaim your masculine energy, and change your life - free of compulsive behaviors.

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