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*** Before you apply, read the information below thoroughly. ***

SPN has no judgements about other groups. However, our purpose and the spaces we hold are unique, focused, and serve very specific purposes. You should not apply for SPN membership if the description doesn’t resonate strongly with who you are and what you seek.

When applications aren’t approved, the most common reasons are: 1) Overly brief, incomplete, vague, or generic answers, 2) Indication that the applicant hasn’t read and comprehended what SPN is, does and how it does it, 3) Signs that the applicant is seeking something outside of the focus of SPN. Be sure to respond to each item in multi-part questions. Please understand that we won't exclude applicants based on the gender and and sexuality questions in the first question; those answers will only be used to help us manage the group and events.

Sex Positive Nashville is group for adults interested in developing and practicing healthy sexuality. SPN offers education, resources, and community to those who have a personal or professional desire to learn and experience more about the diversity of human sexuality. We work to create and maintain a safer environment for members to learn about sex positivity and explore their own relationship to it.

What is sex positivity?

Sex positivity is a philosophy that regards all consensual expressions of sexuality as healthy. Sex positivity encourages sexual pleasure, places an emphasis on informed consent, and advocates for sex education and risk-awareness. Sex positivity makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation, or identification. Sex positivity affirms all of the ways between consenting adults sex can be pleasurable, intimate, nurturing, and adventurous.

Who is welcome?

We welcome any adult (21 and over) who shares our philosophy and wants to learn or teach about the complexities of human sexuality. We strive to create programming inclusive of all genders, orientations, abilities, races, ethnicities, income levels, and relationships. You must be a current member of this Meetup group in order to participate, unless otherwise noted, or listed as "SPN Recommends". Membership costs $10 a year, and we extend a 90-day free trial to new members before payment is necessary. Membership proceeds are held by our Treasurer and disbursed for group expenses as agreed on by the SPN Leadership Board.

What values do we promote?

We practice healthy sexuality by setting boundaries, practicing consent, and respecting personal autonomy. We value clear, direct communication, self-awareness, interpersonal connections, mutual support, and fun. We care about accessible education focused on experiences and personal growth. Finally, we look for involvement from members as attendees, volunteers, hosts, teachers, and leaders.

What about anonymity?

Your profile will only be seen by other approved members of this group. You may choose any name for your SPN member profile, but we strongly encourage adding a clear picture of your face.

How do the levels work?

All SPN events are organized into one of four levels (L1 – L4). These levels indicate how much experience and vetting attendees have gone through, and what types of interactions can happen at that event, pending consent. All members present at any SPN event agree not to engage in any activity that exceeds the level of that event, as enforced by the event host.

-Level 1 events are open to all members. They include classes and social gatherings. Attendees remain fully clothed and do not engage in physical touch. Some members find these fulfill their needs and choose not to pursue higher levels. There is never any pressure to do so.

-Level 2 events include sensual touch that is nurturing and affectionate. To advance to level 2 status, members must attend 2 or more Level 1 events as well as successfully complete the 411, Awesome Boundaries, and Level 2 Orientation classes.

-Level 3 events include sexual touch without an agenda. To advance to Level 3 status, members must meet level 2 requirements, attend 2or more Level 2 events and successfully complete the STARS class and the Level 3 orientation.

-Level 4 is sex-positive community!

Beyond these requirements, SPN Leadership makes the final judgement as to a member’s advancement to a higher level, particularly if a member is struggling with boundaries, consent, or diversity. Likewise, a member’s level may be reduced if problems are observed or if there are complaints. This accountability is an important part of creating safer spaces for members to engage with vulnerability.

Some events are listed as "SPN Recommends". These are other local events related to sex-positivity, but they are not hosted by SPN, do not follow our system of levels, and do not count towards level requirements.

What we are NOT:

SPN is not a dating site, nor are we a cruising, swinging, or sex pick-up group.

SPN does not allow trolling. Please do not contact any member unless you have already received clear, unambiguous approval from them to do so, preferably in person. It is NOT appropriate to message members to solicit dates or talk about sex online.
SPN is not a therapy or treatment program. SPN events are not intended to treat addictions, trauma, sexual disorders, or mental illness.

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SPN recommends - Music City Jacks

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