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Sex Positive Nashville (SPN) is a Meet Up for adults who are interested in the subject of sex. SPN is intended to be resourceful and educational as well as an opportunity to network with others who have a professional or personal desire to be better informed and more experienced in the realm of sexuality. Meet Ups will explore various topics related to sexuality. SPN is not a dating or sex pick up group. SPN is not a therapy or treatment program. While sexual dysfunction and disorders may be discussed, SPN is not intended for treating addiction, trauma, sexual disorders, or other types of mental illness.

What is Sex Positivity? Sex positivity is a philosophy which regards all consensual expressions of sexuality as healthy, encourages sexual pleasure, places an emphasis on informed consent, and advocates sex education and risk-awareness. Sex-positivity makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation or identification, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference. Sex positivity is affirming of the various ways sex can be pleasurable, intimate, nurturing, and adventurous between consenting individuals.

Who is welcome? Any adult, (18 and over) who shares our philosophy and has a desire to teach or learn about the complexities of human sexuality is welcome to attend. You must be a member of this meet up group to participate. Members will be expected to provide contact information in order to insure safety and credibility at SPN Meet Ups .

Sex Positive Nashville events are coded Levels: 1 through 4

Level 1 events are open to all members and non-members alike, whereas level 2 requires attending an orientation or approval by the host or organizer. To attend level 3 or 4 events, you must have attended several events at the previous level AND be approved by the leadership team (we have to know that you are great with boundaries - yours and others - and can take care of yourself and others).

The posted level indicates the maximum level of activity which may take place at an event. But, know that you are NEVER expected to do anything that is not a, “Hell Yes!” no matter what level event you attend, no matter what anyone else is doing, and no matter what you may have done previously with that person or with another person. No is no, and all activity must be fully consensual.

During the posted hours for an event, members must agree to not engage in any activity that exceeds the stated level of the event: it's up to the host to ensure this. Leadership has the responsibility & final decision on whether a member can attend an event, and may refuse inclusion in activities they decide the member is not ready or qualified for or because the type of event requires existing relationships within the community.

Remember, YOU NEVER have to go to level 2-4 events. Many members enjoy and learn SO MUCH at level 1 events for years! It is recommended that you attend several level 1 events before going to an orientation, but not mandatory.

Additionally, it is possible that the leadership team may ask you to hold off on attending L2 events if they feel you aren't quite ready. It is also possible for your L2+ status to be revoked if there are any complaints or we notice you struggling with boundaries or consent. Please respect the leadership team's wisdom and discretion with this. It is a difficult job, but someone has to do it to ensure we have a safe, fun and functioning community!

Here's an overview of the level system:

Level 1 (Social and/or Educational)
Often involves class or workshop, a social, meet and greet, sex-geekery (book clubs, roundtable discussions, panel discussions), sex-positive theater entertainment, spoken word, film viewing. A greeting hug is the most physical contact you could have at this level. On rare occasions, there may be a touch-centric or nude demo for a class, but there will be no touch or nudity amongst participants.

Level 2 (Sensual)
Might involve a workshop where some form of touch is practiced, could also be a cuddle or a multi-handed massage event. Requires previous attendance of intermediate orientation or approval by a host or leader.

Level 3 (Sexy)
Activities might include more Intimate touch, playful exploration between individuals, couples, or groups. It’s like getting to second base. May include nudity. Requires intermediate orientation, successful participation in several L2 events and leadership team approval.

Level 4 (Sexual)
Here, fully consenting adults do what they want, within reason. We are VERY selective about who makes it to this level, must be very good with boundaries, mature, caring, responsible, and often we require that you come with an experienced L4 member that can vouch for you. As Meetup.com does not allow us to post events where sexual activities take place, events will be posted to private Facebook group and on our FetLife group.

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