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The last Monthly Video Meetup of 2023

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Matt M.


🎤 Speakers

Te-Yuan (TY) Huang (Netflix) - Turbo-charging A/B tests with simulations

Designing adaptive streaming algorithms is not an easy task, there are many variables one has to take into account: encode recipes, network conditions, and device capabilities, just to name a few. Because of its complexity, A/B tests are always needed to make sure the new algorithm design leads to positive changes in QoE metrics. Then, a series of tests are further needed to iterate and evolve the algorithm. However, setting up A/B tests takes time, and we do want to evaluate radical new ideas without risks of negative member impact. Wouldn’t it be cool to have something that has minimal overhead and zero risk of member impact?

Introducing Netflix Adaptive Streaming Simulator! It is a tool that simulates millions of sessions with diverse network conditions in nonlinear time with no risk of member impact. This allows our engineers to have a playground to try out various ideas, iterate designs, and build up confidence before releasing new code and launching A/B tests. In this talk, we will share what our simulator is, our experience with it, and pitfalls that you should watch out for if you want to build up one. If you have something similar in your company, we would love to learn from you too!

Walker Griggs (Mux) - M3U8; But Why?

In a world with service workers and edge compute, are there performance gains and product extensions to find in switching away from M3U8? But actually, are there? Walker wants to know. He's been playing with structured, hierarchical manifest representations. This week, he'll share compelling use cases, a brief demo, and starting the dialog around a path towards standardization

IRL Logistics
Our host building has security people downstairs, and they require us to have a list of names downstairs for check-in. Just to make sure we can have everyone printed out, please make sure to RSVP by ~5pm on Thursday.

Mux put together a page on details for getting in, COVID protocols, etc. Everyone needs to be fully vaccinated and there are specific check-in instructions on the page.

Can't wait to see folks!

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