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An Android Double Feature.

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We have two great talks planned at Yelp. You won't want to miss these!

AARAWR! Fantastic bits and where to dex them

This is the story of how we extracted delicious spaghetti code out of a dinosaur Android codebase to ship a fancy SDK as an AAR. We'll look into what's in an AAR, how we built our own (it's "just" a zip task!), how R files work, and how we messed with our own fork of the Multidex library.

Speaker: Pierre-Yves Ricau

Android Baker at Square, I enjoy leak-free wine & gluten-full code.

Binders, Transactions, and Bundles Oh my!

Yelp's app has traditionally passed data via Intents. Over time this data has grown quite sizable while bundle size limits have decreased. We'll cover Transaction Too Large Exceptions, changes in Android N/O, and how we go about solving these problems across 200+ Activities.

Speaker: Diego Waxemberg

A stalwart of Yelp's Android team, Diego is equally adept at recycling views as he is at dominating the pool table.

Doors open at 6:00pm and security will stop letting people up at 6:30pm.