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We are the original sailing Meetup group in the Bay Area, and the most active. You don't have to know how to sail to be part of the group. However, you do have to fulfill some basic requirements. Please be sure to do this or you may not be able to join or remain in the group. The information you need is at the links below, as well as repeated on the profile sign-up page. As Meetup continues to be unpredictable and quirky, we strongly advise against uploading your photo or attempting to edit your profile from a mobile device. Use a desktop or laptop. Also, our documentation has not been optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

NBS Photo Requirements (https://www.meetup.com/sfbay-sailing/pages/23181991/NBS_Photo_Requirements)[also includes a link to instructions for uploading a photo to your NBS profile page]

NBS PHOTO REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST (https://www.meetup.com/sfbay-sailing/pages/27454229/NBS_PHOTO_REQUIREMENTS_CHECKLIST)

GENERAL INFORMATION offered by Wendy (https://www.meetup.com/sfbay-sailing/pages/20733241/GENERAL_INFORMATION_offered_by_Wendy)

The purpose of this meetup group is to promote and share the passions of sailing. Anyone interested in sailing who has satisfied the requirements (compliant photo, completed profile) may join. Unlike some other groups, which charge people to sail, we offer free or inexpensive sailing opportunities for everyone. The only time we charge people is when the event is a charter-share and everyone "chips in" on the cost to charter the boat. We don't believe in using the Meetup platform to run a business or promote the commercial interests of others without benefit to our members. From time to time, as a convenience for our members, we will post local sailing-related events that do charge a fee (lectures, art shows, boat-building workshops, sailing lessons) sponsored by others.

People with boats often welcome guests aboard to help pull ropes and turn cranks, which is called "crewing."

And for those interested in racing or increasing their skill level, crewing for race boats is the best way to get a lot of fun, inexpensive, thrilling sailing with a dedicated crew.

Here is a great little example of some fast sailing and what one of our events is like: Click here (http://youtu.be/sZGAHo9X54E)

Reminder: be sure to complete the mandatory reading at the links above. While we are a free and welcoming sailing group, we do have rules and consequences regarding safety and basic sailing/social etiquette, especially concerning RSVPs, no-shows, and cancellations.

Fair winds!

Upcoming events (2)

Post-election sailing adventure aboard the cutter Cetacea on Sunday, Nov 8!

The SV cutter Cetacea (latin, marine mammal-dolphins/whales), a beautiful, strong, and well-appointed 42' blue-water "fast-cruiser" with extensive operational and safety systems, invites a few fun and engaging crew aboard with a highly experienced captain and platonic-only water-sports enthusiast and science/technology entrepreneur. Although I sometimes invite male friends to join us, there have been too many negative experiences with male invitees to take chances inviting unknown males for crew; and so, with the encouragement of my GF, an occasional sailor, I generally sail with only female meetup crew and m/f friends. Sorry guys. Strong preference for happy, outgoing, and adventurous crew, as can be seen in the various meetup photo albums of crew on more than 80 no-cost sailing adventures the past 5 years on the NBS meetup. Sailing experience not necessary, but enthusiasm for a fun safe exhilarating day-sail, is! Extra points for helping to raise the Gate for our safe crossing! Newbies to the wonders of SF Bay sailing are especially encouraged, as are previous crew. Cetacea is a very safe, comfortable, and easy sailing vessel designed for world-class sailing. We'll sail around the Gate, SF, Sausalito, Angel Island, and Alcatraz while chasing dolphins and adventure! Please join the waitlist and note that it does not have an ordered prioritization. Please note your page may indicate the event is full-- this is a meetup platform quirk and the waitlist is open until all 3 crew joining the captain are selected for a maximum of 4. Please be sure to respond asap to my confirmation email to your meetup registered email address or you'll be cast adrift in the "Not Going" landlubber zone of washed-up sailing regrets, har har :-)

Brent Hughes, “Sea Otter Conservation and Ecology in the 21st Century”

Join ACS San Francisco Bay Chapter to enjoy an enthralling presentation by Dr. Brent Hughes, Assistant Professor of Marine Ecology and Conservation at Sonoma State University, about sea otter conservation and ecology in the 21st century. Having nearly been forced to extinction throughout much of their range in the 18th and 19th centuries, sea otters have made a remarkable comeback. Through their recovery, we are learning new things about their basic biology and ecology, which is forcing coastal scientists and managers to rethink the role of the sea otter in the 21st century. In this talk, Dr. Hughes will discuss the recently discovered habitats of the sea otter and how that relates to the ecology of nearshore ecosystems and their conservation moving forward. To learn more: http://bit.ly/SeaOtterLearnMore Admission is free. Register at: http://bit.ly/HughesOtterRegisterMe A suggested donation of $10 per participant is encouraged and appreciated. Donations help to cover webinar costs and support our education and cetacean research grant programs. Click here to donate: https://www.acs-sfbay.org/donate

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