What we're about

The San Francisco Bay Memory Club (founded 2010) meets to discuss and train in memory techniques as practiced on Art Of Memory (http://artofmemory.com/). Meetups take place throughout Bay Area, including Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. Beginners are welcome!

Please read the information below to be sure that this is the group that you're looking for.

About the Techniques

The techniques we discuss and practice are useful for studying in school, learning languages, memorizing poetry, and for competing in memory competitions (http://artofmemory.com/competitions) (including Memory League (https://memoryleague.com/)). Here is a list of some of the techniques:

Method of loci (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Method_of_Loci) (a.k.a., memory palaces)

Mnemonic peg systems (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Mnemonic_Peg_System)

Major System (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Major_System)

Dominic System (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Dominic_System)

Person-action-object system (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Person-Action-Object_(PAO)_System)

Names and faces (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Memorizing_Names_and_Faces)

Poetry memorization (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Memorizing_Poetry)

Language learning (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Memory_Town_System_for_Languages)

Speed memory (http://blog.artofmemory.com/ramon-campayo-memorizing-binary-1333.html)

Card memorization (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Card_Memorization_Techniques)

Binary digit memorization (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Binary_Number_Memorization_Systems)

And much more...

Please join our 17,000+ member online community at ArtOfMemory.com (http://artofmemory.com/) and browse our forum (http://artofmemory.com/forum) and wiki (http://artofmemory.com/wiki/Main_Page) to get an idea about what kinds of memory techniques we do.

Reading List

If you are new to memory techniques, we recommend starting with any of these books:

Quantum Memory Power by Dominic O'Brien

You Can Have an Amazing Memory by Dominic O’Brien

How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week by Dominic O’Brien

In addition, you might like these books about the history and culture of memory techniques:

Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer

The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly

The Art of Memory by Frances Yates

If you have questions, please send me an email (http://blog.artofmemory.com/contact). We also have a FAQs page (http://artofmemory.com/faqs) on the website.

Hope to meet you soon!

--Josh Cohen

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