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Lately we have been playing a lot of new games every week which tends to be less fun than playing something everyone knows at least a little bit. So perhaps we can try to pick a few that people are interested in playing again week to week, suggestions are very welcome.

For anyone who is new, just a warning, we tend to focus on somewhat complicated strategy games which take a few hours to play. So if you are new to gaming and potentially adverse to learning a bunch of rules, this game night may not be for you.

That being said, it is definitely nice to have new people show up and I am always learning and teaching new games - it isn't strictly competitive. So it's definitely possible to come and enjoy playing some games without knowing all the rules and strategies already.

Please try not to RSVP unless you're 99% sure you are coming. It's annoying for everyone else to have to check the waitlist on Tuesday afternoon to see how many people drop out. I wish we could fit more than 14 people here but it's not possible. If you really want to game but the meetup is filling up too quickly, I encourage people to use this meetup to host your own game nights, that would be awesome!

P.S. We usually spend about 15 minutes deliberating which game to play, but if you are going to be after 7:15 or so please try and post something here so we can wait for you or you may end waiting around for quite a while to get in on the second game.

P.P.S for food/drink you are on your own, sometimes we'll order pizza