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What we’re about

The SFDebate Meetup is an open forum for discussion on the events of our time. We have three goals:

(1) UNDERSTAND OTHER POINTS OF VIEW. With so much news available to us, it is easy to fall into the trap of relying on sources that simply support and reinforce our own limited beliefs. The SFDebate Meetup is a chance for you to expand your perspectives and understanding. We believe that when opinions are discussed in public, our critical faculties are sharpened as we are exposed to diverse viewpoints that we may not have considered before.

(2) DEVELOP YOUR PERSUASIVE SKILLS. If you want to be able to convince others of your ideas, if you want to change the world we live in, SFDebate is the forum for you. Consider SFDebate to be a 'dojo' for persuasive speaking. It is a place where you will not only be exposed to opposing points of view, but a safe place where you will be encouraged to find and speak up for yours. We work hard to keep things civil and will not tolerate physical intimidation or threats of any kind.

(3) The point is to HAVE FUN and MAKE FRIENDS. It is a meeting of minds, and we follow every meeting with drinks , a bite to eat, and some drunken debate at a nearby bar/restaurant.