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Browser-Based Virtual Reality in HTML5

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It's VR time! Let's kick off 2015 with a super exciting event featuring 5 expert talks about browser-based virtual reality at SFHTML5. After that, head over to the VR world tour kick-off event at The Metreon!

About the Talks

Virtual reality hardware systems like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and others have made the decades-old dream of low-cost, immersive VR a reality. Millions of units are in production and projected to be sold in 2015 and beyond. And developers are flocking to this amazing new medium — some to kick the tires, others to maybe get in on the next startup land grab. So far, most of the cool demos are happening in native applications, packaged as big downloads, and built using proprietary software tools.

Cool! But why let Unity and Unreal devs have all the fun? Today’s HTML5 browser does virtual reality, too. The nightly builds of Firefox and Chrome support stereo 3D rendering of WebGL and CSS3 content, as well as the head tracking APIs and advanced inputs required to create fully immersive VR experiences. This event explores the new browser-based VR technologies, with leading industry speakers presenting the foundations of VR development.

Talk #1: Introduction and Overview of the WebVR APIs with Tony Parisi

Tony Parisi (@auradeluxe ( is an entrepreneur and career CTO/software architect. He has developed international standards and protocols, created noteworthy software products, and started and sold technology companies. Tony’s passion for innovating is exceeded only by his desire to build great products.

Tony is a pioneer in virtual reality, the co-creator of the VRML and X3D ISO standards for networked 3D graphics, and continues to innovate in 3D technology. Tony is the co-organizer of the San Francisco WebGL Meetup (, and the San Francisco WebVR Meetup (, and a member of the Khronos COLLADA working group creating glTF (, the new file format standard for 3D web and mobile applications. Tony is also the author of O’Reilly Media’s books on WebGL: WebGL Up and Running ( (2012), and Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL ( (2014).

Tony is the founder of Third Eye, a San Francisco-based startup developing publishing software for the web, mobile and the new generation of virtual reality systems.

Talk #2: UI/UX design for WebVR with Josh Carpenter

Josh Carpenter (@joshcarpenter ( is a UX Designer with Mozilla, currently focusing on virtual reality and the open web. He has worked previously in architectural visualization, building automation, motion graphics and digital services, the common thread always being a fascination with the intersection of digital design and the built environment. Most recently as UX Lead for Firefox OS he led a team designing a new mobile operating system built entirely on the open web.

Talk #3: Web Browser VR Internals with Brandon Jones

Brandon (@tojiro ( is a longtime graphics enthusiast who went from building demos during WebGL's infancy to helping implement it in Chrome today. Most recently he's caught the VR bug and is working diligently to make Chrome talk to your HMD of choice, from the Oculus Rift to Cardboard, via WebVR.

Talk #4: Leap Motion and WebVR with David Holz

David Holz is the CTO and Co-founder of Leap Motion, a software and hardware company developing the world's most powerful and sensitive 3-D motion-control technology. The company’s first product, the Leap Motion Controller, lets users navigate and interact with computer applications by translating hand and finger movements into 3D input. The platform also supports virtual and augmented reality experiences, expanding Leap Motion beyond the PC.

David was pursuing his PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when he left to co-found Leap Motion. David also contracted for NASA’s Langley Research Center and conducted neuroscience research while at The Max Planck Institute.

Talk #5: DODOcase and Cardboard VR with Patrick Buckley

Patrick Buckley (@patrickbuckley ( is the cofounder of DODOcase and co-author of "The Hungry Scientist Handbook" (HarperCollins, 2008). A graduate of MIT, he has worked at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories as a mechanical engineer. When not tinkering or inventing, he can be found kite boarding, paragliding, or training for triathlons. He loves collecting free yachts and converting old DHL vans into cryogenic ice cream trucks. Patrick lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Most recently, Patrick was inspired by Google Cardboard, announced at the I/O conference, and was quick to act by designing and developing a version of the viewer ( and an accompanying app ( (in beta) to go with it. Since June 26th, DODOcase has sold more than 65,000 units to VR enthusiasts and developers around the world. DODOcase strongly believes that the next million VR experiences will happen on mobile devices. The DODOcase Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer offers support for the mobile VR experience through affordability, accessibility and ease-of-use. The build-your-own kit costs only $25 and will allow anyone the ability to experience VR.


5:00pm: Doors open, eat and drink (live music (, drinks, and delicious food catered by Google, with limited quantities of vegan and gluten-free options.)

5:30pm: Registered guest space guarantee cut-off. Waitlisters will be allowed in depending on available space on first-come basis

6:00-6:10pm: Announcements

6:10-6:35pm: Talk 1 — Introduction and Overview of the WebVR APIs with Tony Parisi

6:35-7:00pm: Talk 2 — UI/UX design for WebVR with Josh Carpenter

7:00-7:10pm: Break (Cocktails, Wine, and Dessert)

7:10pm-7:15pm: Lightning Talks

7:15pm-7:40pm: Talk 3 — Web Browser VR Internals with Brandon Jones

7:40pm-8:05pm: Talk 4 — Leap Motion and WebVR with David Holz

8:05pm-8:30pm: Talk 5: DODOcase and Cardboard VR with Patrick Buckley

8:30pm-8:50pm: Q&A with all speakers

8:50-9:00pm Raffle*

9:00pm Leave for the UPLOAD Virtual Reality Kick-Off event ( at the Metreon! See information below.

* You must be present at the venue to qualify for raffle prizes.

Cocktail Service by Alcademics

Wine Tasting by Grant Eddie Winery


• There is bicycle parking in the garage below the building, but you must bring your own lock and leave your bicycle at your own risk.

• There is also street and garage parking. Check all signs for restrictions and fees.

• Smile! We are recording and photographing this event. If you do not wish to be included in SFHTML5 video or audio recordings or photographs, you can watch the recordings of all of our events at from the comfort of your home.

Special Announcement:

The UPLOAD ( Virtual Reality World Tour Kick-Off is happening later the same evening, so why not make it a full night of virtual reality? We are partnering with UploadVR to give SFHTML5 members $5 off the general admission ticket. Register now ( and use code SFHTML5. The first 100 to register with our code will also receive a free UPLOAD cardboard mobile viewer ($25 value).