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Vaadin, GWT and Client-Server Hybrid Apps

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Options Java developers have for building HTML5 applications are a) not use Java language for the UI, b) have a framework like Vaadin to render server-side UI components in DOM or c) compile Java to JavaScript with GWT. Vaadin includes a full copy of GWT and thus covers both the options b and c.

In this presentation Joonas (founder of Vaadin) discusses Vaadin and GWT, giving quick introductions to both. Benefits and use-cases for client-side and server-side development models are compared and a new hybrid approach is proposed. The hybrid development model begins with a server-side app, but adds client-side parts where the benefits of the client-side development model exceed the complexity it introduces.

About Joonas Lehtinen
Joonas Lehtinen is co-founder of Vaadin framework, CEO of Vaadin Ltd, RIA technology expert and entrepreneur, PhD.