Rincl Your Application for Easy Internationalization


In today's connected world, it is paramount that applications support languages, writing systems, and representation customs from around the globe. Yet until now there has been no easy way to add localized resource access to a Java program, similar to how SLF4J standardizes logging calls across different implementations. Rincl, the Resource I18n Concern Library, aims to fill the resource internationalization (I18N) gap by providing a unifying API for resource lookup across frameworks, with plug-and-play implementations for your favorite resource storage. Rincl can be found at http://rincl.io/.

The presentation will begin with a primer of Java string resource internationalization; covering locales, property files, resource encoding, resource bundles, and message formatting. The second part of the presentation will present the open-source Rincl library and illustrate how it improves upon the default tools included in the JDK.

About the speaker

Garret Wilson is a software developer and an advocate of education. With undergraduate training in Computer information Systems, he earned a degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He founded GlobalMentor, Inc. to develop international learning systems, and was a co-author of the initial versions of the EPUB specifications for electronic books. He is currently writing and teaching the GlobalMentor Complete Course on Software Development; and plans to found an educational NGO in Brazil.