Special Event: Joint Meetup with Elasticsearch San Francisco

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Join this special (shorter than usual) team up with the Elastic San Francisco Meetup!

(1) From the trenches: what does it really take to scale up a large Elastic security log deployment? - George Boitano ~25 minutes
(2) How Elasticsearch does Java - Tal ~15 minutes

From the trenches: Scaling up a large Elastic security log deployment

Elasticsearch for enterprise security log storage & management is a hot topic today. Specular gains in performance, functionality and cost are ready for harvest. But what exactly does it take to create a large Elastic log storage infrastructure? This talk will present war stories related to at 150,000 events per second Elastic log storage implementation with 2 month retention built at a large commercial client. We'll take the audience through sizing, design. staffing & cost; discuss architecture, storage density & ingestion: and share our gotchas & lessons learned. We will also talk a bit about evidentiary-quality log storage for compliance. If you are curious about what it would take for Elastic to hold your security logs, this talk will show you what to expect.

George Boitano is a developer, inventor and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in data security for large enterprises. As a founder of Security Integration in 1990, he served as technical officer and authored U.S. patent[masked]: Apparatus and Method for Computer System Integrated Security. As President, he created OEM channel partnerships with Netegrity, Inc. and other vendors, and managed the acquisition of the company by Rocket Software in 2004. George then consulted at LogLogic, Aveksa, Verisign, Secureworks and Dell Services, where he developed an interest in SIEM technology and acquired familiarity with the Managed Security Services business model. George holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard University.

Tal Levy is an Elasticsearch developer based in San Francisco, CA. Tal joined Elastic over four years ago and has worked on both the Logstash and Elasticsearch teams. When he is not click-clacking on keyboards, you can find him cycling and climbing.