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March SFNode Meetup

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SFNode comes to Sentry for our March event. Kicking things off is Thomas Hunter II discussing service discovery with Node and Consul. Closing out the night is Sentry's Lewis Ellis talking about error handing in Node.

6:30pm - Doors Open
7:00pm - Service Discovery with Node.js and Consul - Thomas Hunter II
7:30pm - Robust Error Handling in Node.js Applications - Lewis Ellis
8:00pm - Open Mic and Social Time
9:00pm - Doors close

Service Discovery with Node.js and Consul
Service Discovery with Node.js and Consul: Get an overview of how Consul, a Service Discovery tool, can be used to dynamically scale your Node based services. Each service will be able to find each other and report their livelihood via heartbeat all while caching an up-to-date list of service locations locally.

About Thomas Hunter II
Thomas is passionate about technology and building products. A web design business created while attending college slowly evolved into a brick and mortar on Main St. of his small Midwestern hometown. His desire for fame and fortune led to the co-founding of a Y Combinator startup and a life in California.

Robust Error Handling in Node.js Applications
Unlike other platforms, error handling in Node.js is not as simple as try/catch.

It can be a handful between exceptions, callbacks, promises, event emitters, and other library patterns.

In this talk, learn to navigate the different error handling mechanisms and build robust Node applications so that when unhandled errors do happen, we can fail gracefully, alert someone, and minimize downtime.

About Lewis Ellis

Lewis Ellis is a software engineer working for Sentry, the open source crash reporting and error tracking service. He maintains Sentry's Node.js client ( which reports 100 million errors every week.

Some of his other open source ( work includes Bee-Queue ( and SuperPack ( Besides that, he likes numbers, security, Redis, Lua, and JavaScript trivia.

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