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SFNode is at GitHub. Our own Dan Shaw, aka “dshaw”, and James Snell join us for a Node.js User Feedback party. Alexandra will follow them speaking about Chronos. After that we'll close out the night with the usual assortment of activities: open mic and networking until 9pm.

6:30pm - Doors Open
7:00pm – "Introducing Node.js v12 + Live Node.js Community Feedback" - Dshaw & James Snell
7:30pm – “Chronos – An Event Data Capturing System for Greenfield Applications” - Alexandra Prodan
8:00pm - Open Mic and Social Time
9:00pm - Doors close

Introducing Node.js v12 + Live Node.js Community Feedback
- with dshaw & James Snell

The next major version of Node.js was released on April 23rd. The Current release cycle will evolve and get patched through October when v12 will become the new LTS (Long-Term Support) version. James Snell will go through an overview of what’s new in the version 12 release. Then, Dan Shaw will lead an interactive feedback session to help core team members get a better understanding of how major releases impact application development and upgrade cycles.

About Dshaw
Dan Shaw, aka “dshaw”, is dedicated to expanding Node.js and the Web Platform. He is known as "The Godfather of Node.js” for building community and aligning the needs of developers and business. Dan created the first consulting company focused Node.js, The Node Firm, and the first company to productize Node.js, NodeSource. He was instrumental in the formation of the Node.js Foundation. Today, Dan Shaw works at PayPal serving as Global Head of Developer Relations.

About James Snell

Chronos - An Event Data Capturing System for Greenfield Applications

In our digital world a lot of real-time activity now happens in the web space. This activity can be analyzed and provide useful insights for making the right decisions and creating efficient strategies for the future at early stages of application development. There are a lot of existing analytics solutions, however their setup and use might not be well suited for greenfield applications.
In this talk I will introduce you to Chronos project and existing solutions for real-time analytics. You’ll learn about event data and technologies we used to make a process of setting up and using analytics easy for a greenfield developer.

About Alexandra Prodan
Alexandra is a software engineer who loves to solve real world problems and explore new tools and technologies. She is also a co-creator of Chronos which was built using Node.js, Apache Kafka and deployed via Docker. Personal website https://sashaprodan.github.io/

Open mic
Open mic time give attendees 2-3 minutes of time to talk to the entire group. This is the time to debut a new project, announce upcoming events or let people know they're hiring.

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