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SFNode is a community meetup. We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month. Every meetup, we try to have a mix of beginner and advanced talks.

6:30pm - Doors Open
7:00pm - "How to set-up and roll out typescript in production with Webpack" by Andy Khong
7:30pm - "Progressive UX Design for Engineers" by Logan Davis
8:00pm - Open Mic and Social Time
9:00pm - Doors close

"How to set-up and roll out typescript in production with Webpack"
Javascript at scale is impossible without a sort of type checking system. If the backend gets enough errors, it can shut down and all the users will lose access to your app. This can effectively kill the company overnight. Because Javascript is a dynamic language, it allows for many mistakes that even the most seasoned engineers can miss. Typescript helps remedies the problem by providing a wealth of type checking resources. When the app gets bundled, all type checking code gets stripped and the code gets transpiled to Javascript.

About Andy Khong
Currently a Senior Full Stack Engineer over at Vida Health. His primary role is to roll out and maintain a GraphQL system for the front-end and mobile teams. Other responsibilities comprise of optimizing and improving the React app.

His previous work also included being a pivotal engineer at Bee Nest Inc. where he lead the development for the Vacation Rental app. He pioneered many core features such as Authentication/Authorization, Crypto + USD payment processing, analytics tracking, internal admin panel, GraphQL services, and etc.

On his free time, he likes to engage in the exploration with his two pups. One of which is an instagram ( littlecooperbear ) star.

"Progressive UX Design for Engineers"
Beyond delivering valuable features to users, engineers have a responsibility to respect their users' time by not making them wait for applications to process, load, or respond. This talk is an introduction to designing web applications that are not just RESTful but also respectful, covering topics like:

-Optimistic rendering
-When to show a loading spinner
-Dogfooding in variable network conditions
-Building predictable interfaces
-Semantic correctness

About Logan Davis
Software engineer at Mixmax, where he helps to give users half of their day back. Previously, he studied engineering with a concentration in computing at Olin College of Engineering. He loves stories, baseball, improv comedy, and exploring — preferably with nothing even resembling a plan.
( Twitter: @logankeahidavis, Linkedin: logankeahidavis, Blog: https://engineering.mixmax.com/blog )

Open mic
Open mic time give attendees 2-3 minutes of time to talk to the entire group. This is the time to debut a new project, announce upcoming events or let people know they're hiring.

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