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Python Magic

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November's presentation night on 11/13 will consist of lightning talks and


Descriptors! The descriptor protocol underlies cool and well-loved features of Python such as the @property decorator but nobody seems to write descriptors directly. Are they too verbose? Too difficult? Just not useful?

In this talk we'll understand how descriptors work, how to write your own, and when doing so might be useful!


Simeon Franklin is a technical instructor for Twitter teaching Python to the tweeps.


Metaclasses are one of Python's fascinating lesser-known features, which take the mantra of "everything is an object" to the next level. Metaclasses allow you to intervene on the creation of classes themselves -- not just their instances! In other words, metaclasses are like classes for classes. But, when would you ever need a class for a class? While it is rare to genuinely need a metaclass, they are a fun feature to know about and play with. In this talk, I will explain how metaclasses work, why you might want to use them, and provide an example of my own adventures in which I used a metaclass to rewrite method docstrings to be prefixed with the name of the class they belong to.


Jess Hamrick is a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the psychology department, studying computational models of cognition. She has used Python for five years, for everything including psychology experiments, data analysis, machine learning, and even an implementation of a printing protocol. Jess loves any excuse to learn more about the advanced intricacies of Python.


6:15p - Check-in and mingle, with Pizza and Beer provided by our generous sponsor Yelp!

7:00p - Welcome and announcements

7:10p - 3-4 Lightning Talks (5 minutes each)

7:30p - First Featured Talk

7:50p - First Q & A

8:00p - Second Featured Talk

8:20p - Second Q & A, followed by advanced mingling, ping pong, pool

9:30p - Doors close

Lightning talks:

Beyang Liu: Figuring out how to use Python libraries with Sourcegraph, a new Python-aware code search tool

Melanie Warrick: I <3 Redis & Cron: How I used them with my Python project

Please take note of the important check-in details at Yelp


Doors will open at 6:15pm to allow enough time for the check-in process.

Please update the name on your account to reflect your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME. Yelp Security and Hy will be checking IDs at the door. *Please note: You WILL ONLY be allowed into the event if we have your first and last name (that matches the name on your ID) prior to the event.

Since alcohol will be served at the event, we ask that any underage attendees RSVP directly to the meetup host.

Waiting list folks will be allowed into the event AFTER we admit all confirmed attendees.

Yelp is generously providing pizza, drinks, and beer in addition to their venue space.

As usual, looking forward to meeting you and feel free to ping me with questions or suggestions.


140 New Montgomery · San Francisco, CA
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