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Women in Tech (Novice developers only): Make a Game in SWIFT, Create RoR Site

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Any novice women developers interested in learning how to build their first iOS mobile application using the Apple, Inc. SWIFT software programming language and pairing it with a Ruby on Rails fundraising site to introduce the game can email or phone/SMS text 415-373-6767.

Requirements (Seriously, Novices/Beginners Only):

Doesn't have an Apple developer account.

Hasn't attended a hackathon.

Hasn't created a responsive Ruby on Rails site yet.

Adobe Photoshop (you will create 6 sprites, app icon, launch image, background image, and two buttons). You will clone my game called Graditude.

Apple Mac laptop/desktop running Yosemite 10.10, XCode 6 Beta 3 installed, and an iOS device with iOS 7.1 minimum. Apple developer account is not required to develop the application but it is required if you want to publish the source code to the app store. Most stable version of Ruby will be included in command line tools: (

Setup for the RoR site will require Heroku Toolbelt:

and a GitHub account:

WIll use JumpStarter Code template for RoR fundraising site.

To confirm your eligibility for this free workshop, be sure to send a link to your profile.