Past Meetup

GoVoluntr talks do-gooding!

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Come hear from Young Han, founder and CEO of new startup GoVoluntr. GoVoluntr is a new platform that brings together non-profits and volunteers; building community for both.

Young will talk about what led him to create GoVoluntr and how they have been able to use technology to benefit community organizations and grow the volunteer base.

GoVoluntr is a social network that connects volunteers and nonprofits together while being part of a fun and engaging community. We source awesome opportunities that volunteers can participate in and track hours through our VID (Volunteer ID) system. Those tracked hours can then be shared with their connections and other social sites to share their good deeds and help spread the word of their favorite causes.

The real fun begins when volunteers start accumulating more hours and begin earning VPins (Volunteer Pins) to showcase their community stewardship and activity! That's not all! We are also working with local merchants and favorite brands to get our do-gooders real-world prizes and discounts for their efforts and involvement!

GoVoluntr – Quantify and Share.