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WiFi Cracking Like A Boss (Extended Edition)
Have you ever wanted to Crack WiFi like a Boss? This is our second WiFi cracking talk, because the first one was cut short by the other talks before it. WiFi cracking is back for round two! In this illuminating presentation and workshop, Paranoid One will cover many of the known ways of compromising wireless networks. These include WPA handshake cracking (dictionary and rule based), cracking WEP, karma and evil twin attacks, WPS pin bruteforcing (online and offine), and the recently discovered KRACK vulnerability. Routers will be set up for the demonstration, and those with monitor mode and packet injection capable WiFi cards will be able to try these attacks against our isolated lab network. --- Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Linux User Group. We are a group of open source software enthusiasts, interested in everything from programming and embedded devices to security and 3D printing. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned expert, bring in a laptop and join us for an evening of technical activities.

Denny's Northridge (Banquet Room)

9001 Tampa Ave. · Northridge 91324, CA