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Sat Nam + Aloha :)

I am a Sound Healer Alchemist, a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a lover of life. I created this group to share, aloha, Sound Healing , Sound Baths and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in Los Angeles .

SOUND BATH ~ A meditative acoustic sound concert that "washes" away stress and brings you to a state of relaxation , activating your body's our own natural system of self- healing . (shaktisoundbath.com)

Kundalini Yoga uses movement, sound current, breath and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body, allowing the spirit to flow freely. Kundalini Yoga brings a greater feeling of well-being and happiness - our natural birthright as humans. This powerful and effective form of Yoga, is a great way to recharge and heal your body quickly. How? By stimulating the nervous and immune systems, while improving strength and flexibility, as it centers the mind and opens the spirit. Kundalini Yoga promises you peace of mind and it's also fun. Everyone can do it!

I feel a strong connection to the sound current and love to bring live music and drumming and crystal singing bowls to my classes.

Let's Share breath ,mantra, and movement. FEEL GOOD :). Everyone can do yoga:)!It's FUN :)!


Ana Netanel

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Self Care Sunday Sound Bath at RA MA

RA MA Los Angeles

Sunday Self Care Sound Bath at Ra Ma LA

RA MA Los Angeles

Sunday Self Care Sound Bath

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