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Welcome! I invite you to join this unique online group of like-minded souls who have had spiritual experiences they may not feel comfortable sharing with family or friends, because they seem outlandish or even unreal.

For example, perhaps a family pet passed and shortly after their demise, you felt their presence in a familiar area of a room they used to be in. Maybe even saw their light body for a moment. You may have felt them leaning against your leg as they had done when they were alive.

Or a family member who passed who used to be a smoker and suddenly you smell their brand of cigarette wafting by in a room where no one is smoking to create the scent.

Maybe you have experienced some unusual situations when doing Astral Travel Journeying like many of my members in my Shaman Spirit Mentor FREE online Guided Meditation Meetup group.

Whatever you may have experienced, either recently or in the past, I am creating this group as a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings of what you may not be able to talk about to others who simply would not understand you. This platform is so you CAN be heard and believed by people, like yourself, who are going through similar situations.

For those of you who are experiencing these type of unusual, and even dimensional phenomena, you may want to talk about them with people who understand you and will NOT judge you.

Please keep in mind, these situations I am referring to are NOT brought about by drugs, alcohol, or plant medicine hallucinogenics. These are natural occurrences that happen in deep meditation, dream state, spiritual interventions live with soul family, NDE (Near Death Experiences), and situations after a loved one passes whether they are a friend, family member, or a pet.

That being said, this group is only for those of you who can relate to situations such as these who will be kind and considerate to the members of this group.

Sharing and revealing some of these very unusual situations takes courage! So, be assured, that if you want to share, you WILL be heard and NOT judged for what you have to say no matter how far out it may seem.

I have plenty of my of my own experiences, all real situations, which I have documented over the years in journal's. So, when you hear some of my stories, I am sure you will feel totally comfortable to share your own.

Hope you will join this awesome group of amazing richly enlightened souls! I offer this FREE online open forum Spiritual Experiences Share event NOW on the 3rd Wednesday of each month on Zoom. Simply RSVP and you will get the Zoom link.

Kindly be on time for the clearing ritual and so you don't miss any of these amazing heartfelt incredible stories.

Hope to see you soon!

Love and Light,

Diane, Shaman Spirit Mentor

PS - If you wish to make a Donation, please use Zelle with the email code LadyDiHogan@gmail.com. Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness. Namaste!

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FREE online Spiritual Experiences Share Meetup, Wed., Jun. 21st, 7:30 PM on Zoom

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Hi Everyone,

Come join me for our next FREE online Spiritual Experiences Share Meetup on Wednesday, June 21st, at 7:30PM on Zoom.

If you would like to attend this amazing spiritual group event, then please RSVP to get your Zoom link for our next free online Meetup.

We have been experiencing some amazing shares with a few new members. And during some of our past meetups, we have experienced real time situations with a few member participants having visitations from their Master teachers, spirit guides, ancestors, and Archangels. So much wisdom and healing is being felt as higher frequencies are coming through during these live online events.

So, RSVP today to get your Zoom link, and bring your spiritual stories to share for our next FREE online Meetup with this enlightened group of members. Please make sure your stories are organic and not induced from drugs, alcohol, or plant medicines. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

I am using the Zoom authentication process, which is as follows:
Once you click on the Zoom link you received with your RSVP, you will be asked to choose a SSO (Single Sign-On), which is an authentication method that enables the user to securely authenticate themselves by selecting one of the following, and entering your password with either:
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I will be checking the RSVP list to make sure you are a member of this Meetup before letting you in from the Zoom waiting room. If possible, please have your Zoom ID the same name as your Meetup membership so I can easily identify you and allow you into the online meeting. Thank you!

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 7:30 PM on Zoom.

Love and Light,

PS - If you are interested in learning about my current offerings, and some free guided meditation recordings, please click on the link to my website, https://dianehogan.com

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FREE online Spiritual Experiences Share Meetup, Wed., May 17th at 7:30PM on Zoom

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