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What we’re about

This group is for all peoples, whom are interested, in Ancient Shamanic Awareness, Soul Awakening, Energetic connections , Emotional Healings, Clarity, Medicine Wheel practices & much more. All levels are welcome You will be given the opportunity to Learn, Heal, Participate and Interconnect within Ancient Shamanic practices, while living in this modern world.
Enabling Inner Soul enlightenment for whole health wellness of Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.
Opening to the Illuminated self & to Creators truths for all beings life & purpose on Earth. Learning to Feel with your sensories and inner intuition, All practices are based from Love, Compassion, Appreciation, Acceptance & Forgiveness. Bringing Light and Peace for well-being. We are all One. We are all alive, We are all connected. Animals, Humans, Stones, Earth, the Elements and more.
Field Trips -Enabling Shamanic Ways of Life.
Varying, Indigenous Lands - hold spiritual energy and cultural wisdom keepers of past Ancestral space and time. In turn, Offering great accessibility to enlightenments of being, while here on Earth.
Each Shamanic circle, practice meditation & journey Experience will stimulate
A deeper understanding of the self. In turn Understanding greaterSpiritual Connections w/Animal, Plant, Elementals and spiritual entities based from love. Opening a deeper enlightenment for emotional Clarity of mind body heart & Soul…. * Beginning- ** Intermediate & Advanced are all welcome.


I am Lily Pantheion aka Lily Anthony
I have been on the Shamans Path with consistency, patience and perseverance for the last 25 years strait.
Enabling me to become deeply aware of my Shamanic Abilities, Evolving my own Deep Emotional Healing and continually enhancing & Evolving my unique Shamanic Empowerments..,
I have studied with various indigenous Shamans of Costa Rica, Peru, Hawaii, Belize and North America.
I have also witnessed my prevelant past lives. As a Shaman and my past lives of trauma, emotional disturbance and confusions. I have delved into many modalities of Trauma with Courage, to see, release & clear.
I have had 2 near death experiences in this life.
The first at 4 months of age
Connecting me directly with Great Spirit (God) and Nature.
I have always been aware & guided by Creator, God, Great Spirit, The consciousness of all knowing, The one, whom is known, by a million names, But Is, One Source !!
I have healed, Studied and Trained with Native, Hawaiian, Japanese, Siberian and Peruvian Shamans & Great Spirits, chosen Spiritual Light beings. I have made Honorary Spiritual Connections based from Pure Love over these many years.
I practice many modalities of Spiritual Energy Healing - I am a CMT, Polarity & Meridian Energy Therapist, CHT, Alchemy hypnotherapist. Spiritual Medium, Creative Theta mind artist, Zen Buddhist meditation & Yoga Enthusiast.
I am a paint artist and a Chakra navigation artist.
I have many college years of study in Childhood development and Cultural Anthropology. I am very creative with Psychic Protection, turning Shadow to Light , Understanding, detecting and deferring Dark energy. Playing, working and honoring with love, Light Energy,
Chakra Cleansing, illuminating and Balancing is so important.
I practice telepathy daily.
I have Advanced Training in the removal of Spiritual Intrusions, Spiritual attachments and Entities, I am a “ever learning student “ of Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regressions. . As well as Regression Therapist for inner child and family wellness. I am also an Ordained Minister. Please join us in many modalities of wellness and education .
I also welcome collaboration from you, Please inquire to assist with Quests and retreats. ❤️ Much Aloha , Lily