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I want to provide a space for people interested in shamanic practice. I hope I will be able to help you gain more knowledge about it by providing different events/meetings.

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The Medicine Wheel Online

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Join us for the Medicine Wheel Online! Beginning 3rd December 2020, this year long transformational journey will open the way for each of us to step into expressing the fullness of who we truly are. This is a time of great awakening and transformation on our planet with many places experiencing the death of old paradigms, structures and maps - the environment, health care / well being, economics, housing, religion, governments and politics. We are each being called to shed the old ways of being and to embrace the new. Join us in this amazing journey through the Medicine Wheel, learn to navigate during these seemingly turbulent times, transform your life, bring forth the fullness of your being and flourish! Through four workshop gatherings, we step into strong energetic processes, infusions and initiations which bring us into a new relationship with ourself and the world; releasing the old and integrating a new way of being. Each class initiates the next stage of transformation and learning that continues throughout the year - creating the freedom and momentum for each of us to dive deep and uncover inner jewels and gifts of self. * Walk the Journey of Transformation and Creation * Clear limitations and restrictions freeing you to live in new ways * Bring the richness of who you truly are into manifestation * Awaken new beliefs about yourself and your engagement with life * Deepen your connection to your Essential Self * Step into the new paradigm at this incredible time on the planet * Receive Ancient Peruvian Rites of Initiation; attunements facilitating transformation * Learn many tools that will facilitate your life long journey of evolution The classes will be taught online in English using Zoom. The first day starts at 10am and the last day finishes at 5.30pm, otherwise each day runs 9am to 6.30pm (approximately). All times are for London, GMT. To register for the Medicine Wheel and hold your place in the class an £80 deposit is required. The cost is £320 per class and there are 4 classes. Flexible payment options and monthly payments are available - get in touch to find out more. The 4 classes will be running on the following dates: 3rd - 6th December: Session 1, (South - Serpent) 25th - 28th February: Session 2, (West - Jaguar) 20th - 23rd May: Session 3, (North - Hummingbird) 12th - 15th August: Session 4, (East - Eagle) This medicine wheel is a deep commitment to yourself and to your journey of growth and transformation. Visit our website: https://infinite-self.info/medicine-wheel


Welcome all new lovely people! WE ARE MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION FOR THE NEW DREAMERS PATH OF NAHUALISM AND THE HEALING PATH MASTERY SCHOOL: THE WESLEY 81 - 103 EUSTON STREETLONDON NW1 2EZ FIRST LONDON ETHICAL HOTEL Why? To make access much easier for our students travelling into London.The Wesley is situated close to Euston Station and specialises in conferences and workshops. http://www.thewesley.co.uk (http://www.thewesley.co.uk/) After the well deserved holiday break we are back to announce many exciting events for this Autumn and 2016/17 season. Below is the pre-view of the upcoming events: THE NEW DREAMERS PATH SCHOOL OF NAHUALISM WITH SEGIO WILL BE BACK IN OCTOBER 2016 AND THE PLACES ARE BOOKING VERY FAST! Last years Dreamers Pth School of Nahualism was an unprecedented success and we are running it again. New Dreamers Path School of Nahualism is a magical portal to ancient wisdom of Tol/Mexicayotl tradition, lucid dreaming and powerful personal power. Discover the magical techniques practiced by the ancient spiritual Azteca tribes of Eagle and Jaguar Warriors and learn how to apply them in your life. THE DATES FOR THE DREAMERS PATH SCHOOL OF NAHUALISM[masked] ARE AS FOLLOWS: OCTOBER[masked], DECEMBER[masked], FEBRUARY[masked], APRIL[masked], JUNE[masked] RESIDENTIAL RETREAT AT GAUNTS HOUSE, DORSET JULY[masked] Do you want to fly like a superhero, acquire superhuman strength, explore different universes? Dream for this and much more Learn different dreaming techniques: lucid dreaming, ensonacion ( dreaming while awake), be guided by your unconscious, meet your guides, re-direct and co-create your dreams for better health, rejuvenation and fun. Explore a more serious aspect of Toltec dreaming practices, the one of personal mastery and becoming a Spiritual Warrior, a man or woman of wisdom and power. Learn magical ancient practices of the Eagle and Jaguar Warriors. You will learn how to plant dreams, the ancient practices of obsidian mirrors, sharing dreams with your partner, exploration of underworlds and caves of power, meeting your ancestors and guides and much more.NEW DREAMS MEAN NEW LIFE FOR YOU BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS AND YOU ARE IN CHARGE!The Dreamers Path School of Nahualism opens the magical portal to lucid dreaming, to a different dimension and reality opening your perception to the eternity of life, empowerment and a field of all possibilities. THE HEALERS PATH SCHOOL WITH SERGIO MAGANA PROGRAMME 2017 DATES: 18/19 FEBRUARY; 29/30 APRIL; 17/18 JUNE; 12/13 AUGUST; 14/15 OCTOBER; 16/17 DECEMBER 2017 LONDON, THE WESLEY, THE WESLEY 81 - 103 EUSTON STREETLONDON NW1 2EZ I am extremely enthusiastic about bringing to you this, magical healing knowledge, never before taught outside of Mexico. You will learn how to heal yourself and how to heal others. Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl is a famous Mexican teacher and healer, who successfully treated thousands of people in his country. Sergio trained in the Tol Nahualism shamanic lineage of secret knowledge that has been passed on in the oral tradition without interruption from master to student for 1,464 years. Sergio will be sharing with you many different techniques that have been gifted to him by his teachers. Sergio says: "My courses grew even larger thanks to the astonishing testimonials of my students on the radio programme 2010: Ahead of Time. They talked about recovering from diseases thought to be impossible to heal, making radical changes to their lives and, most striking of all, rejuvenating. In two years I had 2,000 to 3,000 students on my courses each solstice and equinox, as well as hundreds of students on my weekly courses." LUCID LIVING, CONSCIOUS DYING with Sergio Magana and Charlie Morley, KAILASH CENTRE, LONDON So let's go deeply into the mystery, remove the stigma of discussing death and learn how to live lucidly and die consciously! Are you ready? These workshops are available in two, two day parts on 24 and 25 of Novemberor 26 and 27 of November or in a block of the entire four days. THE CHESS BOARD ENOCHIAN MAGIC WITH SERGIO MAGANA OCELOCOYOTL UNION CHAPEL ISLINGTON 15 AND 16 DECEMBER 2016 The chessboard can be used as a tool to change your life: Just as a map it mirrors your personal life in the bigger frame of the Universe. With the help of this magical tool you can start to govern your life and all its aspects to create a better reality for you and the collective. For all above events contact [masked] Visit our website (http://www.floweringwhirlwind.com)

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Joanna Kossak & Christa Mackinnon and all members welcome you to the 'Shamanic Activism' FB group. Please use it as a forum. We envisage it to be: A tribe for shamanic spiritual activists working towards socio-political, economic and ecological change. A group to exchange and discuss ideas, raise awareness & post and create events. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1469397546723302/

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