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For the new digital generation of internationals, expats, travellers, wanderlust's, repats...

In the Shanghai GGI group we have multiple wechat groups all dedicated to different areas that will help with your daily life in Shanghai. Each group has a event organizer that also hosts one event a month for the ladies in the community. In order to join all of the WeChat groups, please join us for an event first. 

We have a blossoming community centered around spam-free, discussion-based WeChat groups as facebook isn't popular in China. 

We also have a WeChat official account - search us - GirlGoneInternational - GGIShanghai

Michelle Ibarra is GGI Asia & Oceania Regional Manager. 

Shereez Martin is Shanghai's Health & Fitness Group Manager. 

Austin Kittleson and Lauren Tack are Shanghai's Book Club Managers. 

Seija Kotipelto is Shanghai Fashion & Beauty Manager. 

Marlisa Giacone is Shanghai's Arts & Culture Group Manager. 


Each city has it own Community Manager and/or GGI Team. The girls that come to our events are English speaking and internationally minded who want to meet like-minded friends, gain a foothold in their new city or build a strong network. Alternatively they have just come home from being abroad and want to keep in with an international circle.

If you have any ideas to help build the community just give us a shout.

If you are interested in being part of the team or contributing to our Online Magazine and Website written by girls gone international for girls gone international, published via multiple channels all over the world and launching soon please let your local manager know. 

Happy international living,

The GGI Team

Check out our global website at or online mag at for more info!