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Calling all women software coders in the Jacksonville, FL area looking to join a community that is supportive of current and aspiring female developers. We will talk about today’s technology landscape, bleeding edge tools and languages, computer science concepts, ways we can encourage younger generations of female developers, and share career guidance and mentorship.

We operate on a set of core values:
Courage – Be fearless, confident and secure in your identity.
Orient – Be intentional and purposeful, guided by your compass and what drives you.
Destination – Accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams.
Empathy – Increase your emotional intelligence. Understand that everyone has a story and work to empower, enable, equip, and encourage others.
Respect – Respect yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to fail, but have resilience and recover quickly. Be a role model!

All skill, education, and career levels are welcome. Let’s see how women in development coming together can impact our local community!

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