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What we’re about

About this Group:

What we will do? Gather, Connect and Make memories. 

Gather: We can gather for the following reasons but not limited to coffee dates, dinner, walks, playdates, special events, piggyback events, special occasions, visit new places, beach, park, museum, bike ride…& so on. At our gatherings we will do quick intro’s and socialize to enjoy the experience. We can develop an event outline if need be but we might keep our gatherings to small/intimate so we can enjoy getting to know each other. 

Who should join?

Women interested in getting to make new friends and experience new places should join our group and see if we are a good fit. If you are ready to get out of the house and live your best life by enhancing your social connection and try new things; you should join. Bring ideas and a lovely sense to make genuine connections. 

How it started:

Have you ever had somewhere spontaneous you wanted to go to and didn’t want to go alone or maybe didn’t know who to invite? Even though you have plenty of friends on social media its hard to get out and be spontaneous sometimes…especially if you didn’t have time to plan well in advance.

Well here we will gather to meet new friends with the goal to always have a friend to join you whenever you want to go out and live your best life. 

How will we do that? This is a process, we all know we can’t just get up and go invite every stranger to a random place we want to go so…

Our group will consist of two steps; Meet&Greet Events & Private Facebook Group Access to those vetted through our meet and greet events; that way we are meeting real people.

Once you attend one of our Meet & Greets you will have access to our Facebook group where we can communicate quicker on things we want to do or experience maybe on a last minute basis that way you never worry about going alone or having to find a date or something weird…

No business promotion or sales, just fun and real connections.

I hope that all makes sense and of course let me know if you have any questions.