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What we’re about

Studies have shown public speaking as the most common fear, even more than the fear of dying.  This has also been shown to have a negative impact on education, wages, and promotion.  Toastmasters has been helping people overcome their fear to become great speakers and leaders for almost 100 years.
Toastmasters Gettin' Toasty provides a safe, supportive environment to practice and improve at public speaking.
Guests are free to attend meeting as many times as they want, and can become a club member once they're ready to focus more on prepared speeches.
Whether you have a fear of public speaking or just want to become a better speaker, Toastmasters will give you the tools and practice you need for success.

Reasons to attend:

  1. Make new friends

  2. Practice delivering prepared and impromptu speeches

  3. Get constructive feedback from an experienced speaker for prepared speeches

  4. Learn leadership skills by volunteering for meeting and club roles

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