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What we’re about

*** Please join our Greater Seattle Area Meetup group for all updates, including the Eastside. ***

She's Coding is a supportive, safe place for anyone identifying as woman or non-binary person in tech. We are a nonprofit organization with the main goal to help close the gender gap in tech, which we do via: 

(1) An open-source website that educates women, allies and companies about the gender gap, developed in mentorship-based volunteer groups. 

(2) A mentorship program, as well as an offline and online safe community for women in tech. 

And (3), an effort to support women in their tech industry job searches via events, collaborations, and a yearly conference with career fair and workshops. 

Check out our Code of Conduct, which applies to all our meetups.

Join our Slack group to keep in touch with the community and stay on top of events, announcements, and more!